Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies brings the best of Californian genetics right here to Europe. Combining the finest Cookies genetics, she produces sweet and potent bud able to uplift the mind while relaxing the body. Also, thanks to her thoroughbred indica dominance, she is able to grow yields of up to 525g/m² after just 8-9 weeks of flowering.
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A  great mix of cookies

Royal Cookies is a royal treat. This top-shelf strain was created in an extremely rigorous and intensive breeding program involving some of California’s best cookie strains. She is the result of mixing two exemplary Cookies Forum specimens, resulting in a Cookie strain so powerful it will bring a tear to even the Cookie Monster’s eye!

Royal Cookies is a cannabis strain well suited to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, for her to really thrive outdoors, she needs to be grown in a warm climate. Thanks to her indica dominant genetics, Royal Cookies grows with a short stature, reaching heights between 80-110cm indoors. However, this doesn’t impede her yielding potential, which sits at a generous 450-525g/m² after 8-9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, Royal Cookies will climb to higher heights, growing between 140-180cm tall. She is usually ready for harvest around the middle of October, yielding up to 450-500g per plant.

Very high on THC

The aroma and taste Royal Cookies produces stays true to the Cookies name, blending sweet and earthy tones into a pungent and tantalising flavour. The delights of Royal Cookies go well beyond her flavour, though. She induces a potent high that both uplifts the mind into euphoria and gently lowers the body into deep relaxation. Her potency is such that novice smokers may want to approach with caution, as her 23% THC content can quickly and easily overwhelm the unprepared.

If you want large yields of sweet, potent bud that captures the very essence of Cali cannabis, Royal Cookies will not do you wrong!

  • THC: 23%
  • CBD: Low
  • Yield Indoor : 450 - 525 gr/m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 450 - 500 gr/plant
  • Height Indoor: 80 - 110 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 140 - 180 cm
  • Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
  • Harvest Month: Middle of October
  • Genetic Background: Forum Cookies S1 x Forum Cookies S1
  • Type: Sativa 20% Indica 80%
  • Effect: Relaxed and Euphoric
  • Flavor: Earthy, Sweet
  • Climate: Warm

    By K. J. on 08/May/2018 :

    Title : royal cookies
    Comment : great taste

    By I. F. on 04/Apr/2018 :

    Title : amazing results
    Comment : last summe it hit the scale at 1135g. from may till late october. tastes amazing and hits like a mule.

    By J. B. on 27/Mar/2018 :

    Title : Awesome
    Comment : Plants all germinated , big yield , good smoke

    By A. O. on 09/Mar/2018 :

    Title : Nice flavor
    Comment : Is very strong but I like it. Highly recommended. I will buy again.

    By T. H. on 05/Mar/2018 :

    Title : Royal cookie
    Comment : Très bonne variété pas déçu. Planté en outdoor elle a bien produit.

    By T. Y. on 27/Feb/2018 :

    Title : 9 ender
    Comment : Germ in 24 h Growing super healthy lives have 9 fingers Don’t recommend to top this plant You lose to much time on it . use LST if you need to

    By E. V. on 19/Feb/2018 :

    Title : Super !
    Comment : Plante très robuste. Les feuilles sont très grandes et bien vertes. Magnifiques cristaux blancs pleins de trichomes. Aucun problème, cela pousse très facilement. Elle stone bien et elle est bonne.

    By S. Y. on 07/Feb/2018 :

    Title : Rigide
    Comment : Des graines parfois capricieuses que j'ai dû aider à s'ouvrir. Une variété avec des branches grosses des troncs, des tiges de feuilles grosses comme des branches. Pas conseillé pour du scrog. Un beau résultat final avec de belles couleurs violacées en fin de flo. Pour le reste, elle s'affine...

    By F. D. on 02/Feb/2018 :

    Title : gout sucré assuré defonce stone puissante
    Comment : Les tetes sont fermes , la defonce est puissante et stone mais le meilleur c est le gout tres sucré je recommande direct

    By H. L. on 29/Jan/2018 :

    Title : A heavy hitter
    Comment : Before this one, I used to smoke an 18% THC strain. This one only has 5% more, but those five percent hit like a brick. Still easy to grow, although a little more attention-demanding than the ICE strain I grew before, and the long flower time was quite a suspense. In th end, it was worth it. It's a very sativa-looking plant and I actually forgot that it's 80% indica when I first smoked it. Needless to say, I was surprised when I fell asleep after a bowl. It's not a party strain, it's a "just let me sleep" strain and I love it. My dreams are incredibly intense when smoking this strain and due to its potency, I don't need to smoke as much. Its taste is kinda weird, somewhat similar to spraying perfume into your mouth, but it's not unpleasant at all. Strains that taste like earth or diesel are worse, I think, but that's just personal preference. Although it's probably not the most beginner-friendly strain, I definitely recommend it. A joy to smoke and dream with this lady.

    By T. R. on 29/Nov/2017 :

    Title : Great so far
    Comment : In 3rd week of flower and WOW! This plant is a producer, the terminals are everywhere. I got it as a free seed it looks better than the other plants growing with it.

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From Kevin Ribeiro | 2018-03-26 14:45:56

How much does the Royal Cookies stretch when it starts flowering ? Thx.

Royal Queen Seeds Team

They could stretch a bit more once they go into flowering, but never more than 15-20 cm.

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