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  • Cannabis in Nepal

    In Nepal, cannabis was legal up until the 1970's, and there were legal hashish shops everywhere. 1973 was the last year individuals could legally smoke cannabis in Nepal.

  • Cannabis in Mexico

    Several bill proposals are looking to change the way Mexico's legal system handles marijuana.

  • Cannabis in Malaysia

    Malaysia is not a recommended vacation spot for cannabis users. Due to its controversial history with cannabis, it is actually recommended not to use cannabis while vacationing in Malaysia.

  • Cannabis in Honduras

    If you plan on traveling or visiting Honduras, you may be wondering where to purchase Cannabis in the country.

  • Cannabis in Ethiopia

    Notwithstanding generations of worldwide cannabis prohibition and harsher punitive action, we do not see an aversion to the substance in most areas of the world.

  • Cannabis in Egypt

    The friendly locals are happy to lead you in the right direction if you find yourself in Egypt looking for a smoke. It's important to always be cautious and respectful while visiting another countr ...

  • Cannabis in Ecuador

    While cannabis production and distribution is illegal in Ecuador, this is one of the friendliest countries for smokers. Before you take your weed to this South American republic, read this review s ...

  • Cannabis in Dominica

    Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the places that supplies marijuana for many countries. Weed grows very well there and is produced in high quantities. They are well known for their high quality.< ...

  • Cannabis in Cuba

    Cuba is not really the place for you to go if you are looking to score some bud. Unfortunately, the Castro regimes have made it difficult to do anything they consider a social detriment.

  • Cannabis in Costa Rica

    When I made the decision to explore the possibilities for cannabis outside of the United States, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of history and the huge range of strains that were easily a ...

  • Cannabis in China

    Because the cannabis industry is big in China, cannabis cultivation is legal. Legislature considers hash illegal to sell, but legal to possess. However, the cops do not always follow the laws, so y ...

  • Cannabis in Chile

    Chile is one of the most recent Latin American countries moving forward with more open policies regarding cannabis use and cultivation.

  • Cambodia: A Smoker's Retreat

    Travelling through Southeast Asia has become a rite of passage for worldwide nomads who trek the region for its cultural offerings, natural beauty, and affordability.

  • Cannabis in Botswana

    Southern African countries have a longstanding tradition of cannabis cultivation. Cannabis was first introduced to the Botswana region roughly 500 years ago, and today it is considered a traditiona ...

  • Cannabis in Brazil

    Cannabis in Brazil is illegal. I found out that I could go to jail if I decided to buy, sell, export, keep, import or offer anyone cannabis or cannabis seeds.

  • Cannabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    If you live in or are interested in traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you may want to know all the details about cannabis in this area. While the cannabis and marijuana market is not huge there, ...

  • Cannabis in Bolivia

    Foreword, by Author Bridget Lobenthal: This blog post will dive into the laws of the South American country of Bolivia as they relate to cannabis possession, use, and trafficking.

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