Bubble Kush Automatic

This is a meticulously designed strain that combines the best qualities of several different sativa, indica and ruderalis strains. The result is a one of a kind variety that provides for a suitably unique experience - even for seasoned smokers. These are some of the varieties that make up the genetics of this expertly developed strain.
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Great genetics at your disposal

This variety was bred to incorporate the best elements of all of these excellent strains to create a plant that is both easy to grow and presents a fantastic product. This strain has a pleasantly sweet taste with subtly earthy undertones and a strong, stony, positive high.

Bubble Gum
From its origins in Indiana to its later development in the Netherlands, this world-famous indica strain has developed notoriety for its easy-going yet soaring high. The distinctive sweet taste and smell of this award-winning cannabis contributes to the similarly idiosyncratic yet pleasing sweet flavour of Bubble Kush Automatic.

OG Kush
This exceedingly popular strain has qualities of both indica and sativa, and its intense and long-lasting effects have played no small part in the variety's fame throughout the world.

Royal Critical Automatic
Royal Critical Automatic is popular with growers due its exceptionally quick and easy growing process and large per-plant yields. However, this hybrid strain is also popular with smokers for its great taste and satisfying high.

As far as growing is concerned, these seeds are autoflowering. Unlike traditional feminized seeds, such as traditional Bubba Kush and Bubble Kush Feminized seeds, with autoflowering seeds growers do not have to worry about making sure the plants get 12 hours of direct light a day. Thanks to the ruderalis elements of this strain's genetics, these plants flower on their own within about five to seven weeks, just like other seeds such as Bubble Gum Automatic or Bubba Kush Automatic, both of which are similarly beloved by growers for yield and ease of growing.

Good timing, good size and good yield

When growing outdoors, Bubble Kush Automatic is ready for harvest in seven to eight weeks. Indoors, fully grown plants are 70 to 100 centimetres high, and outdoors the height ranges from 100 to 140 centimeters. Growers can expect a healthy yield of 120 to 170 grams per outdoor plant after drying.

Once harvested, this variety packs a wallop with 16 percent THC. The dominant effect reported with this strain is a sense of euphoria, with many users noting this variety's usefulness for stress release. Since this cannabis is genetically 55 percent indica, typical incida effects are also present including increased appetite and physical relaxation. Some insomniacs find this strain useful as a sleep aid, but the well-rounded high does not leave users feeling overwhelmingly lethargic or drowsy.

These hardy seeds are ideal for growers who desire a fast growing and automatically flowering plant that does not require the same effort as more traditional feminized seeds. This hybrid strain is continuing to earn fans not only for its straightforward growing process but also its agreeable taste and robust effects.

  • Strain Type: Autoflowering
  • THC: 16%
  • CBD: Low
  • Yield Indoor : 350 - 400 gr/m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 120 - 170 gr/plant
  • Height Indoor: 70 - 100 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 100 - 140 cm
  • Flowering time: 6 - 8 weeks
  • Harvest Month: 7-8 weeks after sprouting
  • Genetic Background: Bubble Gum x O.G. Kush x Critical Automatic
  • Type: Sativa 10% Indica 60% Ruderalis 30%
  • Effect: Relaxing and full of flavour
  • Climate: Warm
  • Flavor: Earthy, Sweet

    By B. T. on 26/Jul/2018 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Growing quick and bushy

    By F. Y. on 02/Jul/2018 :

    Title : livraison rapide et discrète !
    Comment : J'ai été super étonné de la rapidité de l'envoie ! je recommande !

    By U. M. on 26/Jun/2018 :

    Title : Bubble Kush Auto
    Comment : Great genetics, this plant can take nuts like hell! I grew two of those under LED panels, first time under leds, and both plants grew tall bushy and with a good amount of buds. I would suggest you pracice LST with that plant, man i did that with the second plant and i ended up having 8 main tops! And that was just using nuts 4 times in the entire life cycle of the plant. Real good, i recommand it.

    By P. T. on 22/Jun/2018 :

    Title : Bubble af :D
    Comment : this bubble bubble seed is very good

    By N. S. on 21/Jun/2018 :

    Title : Mooie plantjes
    Comment : Gemakkelijk te kweken en zeer mooie plantjes blijft toch 1 van mijn favorieten.

    By S. F. on 21/Jun/2018 :

    Title : bubble kush auto
    Comment : what to say. delivery a bit long (in view of 10 days at most) but excellent product in my opinion. 4 seeds, 4 germinations. 3 of bubble kush auto and a northern auto. I find myself to have one of the bubble 120cm high when in reality it had to be 40/80 cm indoors, in advanced bloom after only 30 days. in the same conditions, the others only started doing the first pistils a few days ago. apart from the early plant, perhaps they will not be included in the 7-8 weeks planned for harvesting. satisfied, but I wait for the final product of course

    By N. B. on 19/Jun/2018 :

    Title : Bad delivery!!!!
    Comment : very long delivery. the courier did not call to directly left the parcel at the post office. Disappointed in you. you oh me the season

    By D. M. on 18/Jun/2018 :

    Title : Lieferung der Bubble Kush
    Comment : war wie immer gut. 3 von 3 gekeimt, grade eingesetzt, hoffe auf eine gute Ernte wie in den Jahren zuvor.

    By C. D. on 15/Jun/2018 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Great taste and good high

    By R. W. on 11/Jun/2018 :

    Title : 3 seed bubblekush
    Comment : Alle 3 schön aufgegangen. Alle 3 gesund, nur 2 ist klein geblieben und gibst eine riesig. Obwohl alles gleich gemach. Ertrag ist bei grosse gut und bei zwei kleine halt wenig, aber mega geschmack und tolle wirkung. Nächstes mal was anderes ausprobieren. :)

    By T. B. on 11/Jun/2018 :

    Title : Bubblekush Auto
    Comment : Excellent!!! Thank you ;)

    By A. P. on 07/Jun/2018 :

    Title : yea
    Comment : growing nice and fast, now just week 4 and looks good

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From riccardo | 2018-06-07 11:39:13

temperatura e umidità se coltivata indoor grazie

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please refer to the following article for more information: https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-growing-cannabis-indoors-n99

From Cédric | 2017-11-30 18:27:55

Bonjour combien d heure de lumière on t elle besoin après être sortie de terre ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please check out the below link to for a more accurate information regarding this matter. https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-cannabis-cultivation-tips-how-to-set-up-indoor-grow-lights-n670

From Rob | 2017-11-08 20:36:26

Hi, I'm hoping to grow this in a small greenhouse in the UK in early spring. Do you think this strain would be suitable for that, or too cold?, Thanks

Royal Queen Seeds Team

As long as the plant is not expose to very low temperatures it should be fine. However there are other strains known for being more resistant to cold temperatures. Please take a look at the link below: https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-top-5-autoflowering-strains-for-cold-climates-n469

From Newbie Grower | 2017-10-01 16:15:55

Hi, mine was a bit slow to start flowering, so although im in week 8 overall, I'm only in week 5 of flowering. The data sheet says 7-8 wks from seed, and 5-7 weeks flowering. Which time period should i go with please? I.E. do i have another 2 weeks i could flower for, or will the plant suffer if it grows for too long and would i best harvesting now? Thanks

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The information in the Data Sheet is approximate, it is not 100% accurate. The below link will give some guidance on what are the best times to harvest. http://bit.ly/HarvestRQS

From Elmar Singer | 2017-09-26 21:59:02

Hi! I am growing one of this plants indoor and i just wanted to know how long i should wait since i start the flowering-phase.

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Between 5 and 7 weeks. You can check this information in the Data sheet of each strain ;)

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