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Royal Dwarf

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    By S. G. on 17/Sep/2019 :

    Title : amazing plant
    Comment : great germination rate and a nice and easy grow! all in all an amazing plant!

    By M. K. on 09/Sep/2019 :

    Title : small grow
    Comment : 3/3, short plants, about 12g dry per plant for 160w no nutrients and no complaints. High was clear, motivational, social and happy. Smells like lemons, strong smell in my case. Great pheno and will buy again.

    By D. V. on 05/Sep/2019 :

    Title : High bun
    Comment : Cantitate mica dar un high, superb.

    By S. H. on 05/Sep/2019 :

    Title : Really satisfied
    Comment : Seeds arrived in ~5 days, so really quick. Stealthy delivery. First time grower, seeds are really easy to handle. Thought I messed by putting them in relatively dry soil after sprouting, but can see the first 2 leaves already :))

    By O. L. on 30/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Top Qualität
    Comment : Sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt. Alle Samen gekeimt. Ab jetzt, lebenslanger Kunde bei Royal Queen Seeds!

    By K. L. on 30/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Gute Sorte
    Comment : alle samen keimten und guten ertrag sehr empfehlenswert

    By W. S. on 28/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Just planted.
    Comment : Just planted them today using the starter kit, all went well . Will add progress update .........

    By M. I. on 27/Aug/2019 :

    Title : First Grow
    Comment : short, with amazing but not too much of smell.very forgiving but not a generous yield and also buds produced were very light too. But still amazing taste and effect. perfect to smoke at every moment.

    By D. C. on 26/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Top stuff

    By B. J. on 26/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Little big trees
    Comment : Best outdoor seeds I’ve used for a while, all germinated fine and are growing insanely good. 5 star

    By U. S. on 26/Aug/2019 :

    Title : 150 cm Dwarf?
    Comment : Had 2 of these on my balcony, both were taller than 150 cm but I'm not complaining

    By J. K. on 19/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Grows every time.
    Comment : Bought a pack from instore in Amsterdam. Every seed I planted grew. Great price for what you get in the end.

    By D. B. on 16/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Alle 3 Samen sind gekeimt! Super schnelle lieferung freue mich auf den ertrag

    By B. B. on 16/Aug/2019 :

    Title : First grow and highly recommended
    Comment : This plant is perfect for growing in a small space - a cupboard, or an old bookcase, may be. I grew my first in compost in a 20l pot. The next one is in coco in a 12l pot, and I expect a similar yield, I just have to water more often. The buzz I got from a pretty early harvest first time was an energizing sativa, very smooth after curing.

    By S. D. on 16/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Tres bonne qualite
    Comment : Toutes les graines ont germé et tres bon rendement pendant la culture

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