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Easy Bud

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    By J. T. on 03/Feb/2020 :

    Title : OK Outside
    Comment : Grew outside last year in chilly UK. Went well for first time grow!

    By C. F. on 31/Jan/2020 :

    Title : growing really well
    Comment : Purchased 3x of these seeds and they all germinated and are growing very quickly

    By J. F. on 27/Jan/2020 :

    Title : Easy Bud
    Comment : Germinated in less than 24 hours, 3 out of 3 female. Reached its top height in 4 weeks and started preflowering in the 3rd week. So far, very easy to grow! 250W HPS, 20hours of light from start to finish.

    By N. R. on 24/Jan/2020 :

    Title : Super
    Comment : Super Service! Schnelle Lieferung! Bis jetzt wächst alles :)

    By M. L. on 24/Jan/2020 :

    Title : TBQH
    Comment : "Title : Easy growing Comment : Was my first bud ever and I'm certain I did everything wrong. The plants didn't care. 5/5 turned out well" Probably I have read this earlier (and took it to the test - Sparty here /waves) I went full-retard and out of the 4 these 3 performed the least (but, learned alot and got more of the fuckers). If my memory serves me correct the other won was whitewidow (a free seed) but I am not sure. Judging by the look of it it's WW but know for sure when yeah. ps) At won point I will record etc the process I am prutsing ;). Hu-rrah 4 Spectrabox btw as a sidenote. 2 Stars but that is because I'm an Idiot =).

    By M. W. on 14/Jan/2020 :

    Title : Perfect
    Comment : Everything was great!

    By A. D. on 14/Jan/2020 :

    Title : So fast and nice prod
    Comment : Top 10 of easiest bud, mich production and works nice with led btw with lec have nice prod tought

    By C. M. on 05/Dec/2019 :

    Title : Pas encore fait pousser
    Comment : Livraison rapide et très distraite

    By T. H. on 03/Dec/2019 :

    Title : Munchies guaranteed !!!
    Comment : Very easy to grow indoors. It took 11 weeks and gave 50g dried buds per plant. It grew 110cm high. The effect of this strain is uplifting first, but then you get the strongest munchies ever. I would recommend it 100%.

    By M. T. on 06/Nov/2019 :

    Title : Gute einfache Pflanze
    Comment : Wirklich einfach anzubauen, sogar am fenster. Nicht die geilste sorte, aber pflegeleicht und schnell fertig. Top

    By C. J. on 05/Nov/2019 :

    Title : AWESOME
    Comment : hey it's really cool, easy to grow and good to smoke, would recommend

    By A. B. on 04/Nov/2019 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Envoi discret, culture simplissime, avec seulement du terreau et de l'eau pour une première experience.

    By J. C. on 04/Nov/2019 :

    Title : Day 24
    Comment : Germinated without problem. Day 24 since being planted and is growing very nicely!

    By R. O. on 04/Nov/2019 :

    Title : DWC Grow went well
    Comment : My first grow was Easy Bud. Indoor, UK in DWC using cobs and Quantum Boards. I got at least 4ozs from 2 plants grown in a 60cmx60cm space. It is a nice strength and I would recommend harvesting some early as with the clear trichomes it gave a good creative trippy high. Harvested later produces a relaxing high that leaves you productive and ultimately helps you get a good nights sleep with a clear head in the morning. Easy to grow but so are other varieties so don't feel you need to start with Easy Bud but you won't regret it if you do. Growing some Royal Cookies Autos atm and they are flying away.

    By M. L. on 30/Oct/2019 :

    Title : Perfect
    Comment : Good quality, on time ,I'm happy

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